Letters From Austria

Austria is an incredible place. It’s the Europe of your imagination. There’s Mozart and Maria Von Trapp; crisp apple strudle and yodelling on mountaintops; castles on high and Baroque masterpieces. So as you can imagine, I was stoked to work with the Austrian Tourism Office. 

We (Two Humans Travel) were given free creative reign.The brief was simple: create a video series that sells Austria in all of its cultured glory. After spending a solid two weeks exploring the country, we landed on the concept of ‘letters’. These videos explore Austria through the eyes, and letters, of friend who is travelling. They’re meant to be visceral, personal and voyeuristic.

My role in this production ranged from camera assist to talent (on the shoot); pitched and wrote Austria-centric stories for Australian media; co-concepted the video series; and wrote the voice overs.

Check out the hero video from the series: 

Want more? Have a geeze at our city-specific videos: 





Austrian Tourism Office

My role:

Journalist + Content Producer