Travel Good

‘Travel Good’ was a project produced in partnership with airline Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong-based NGO iDiscover. They approached us (Two Humans Travel aka my side hustle) to create a content series supporting their #lifewelltravelled ethos. 

Travel Good is all about travelling responsibly, consciously and with heart. The iDiscover team work with locals to create real “off the beaten track” travel experiences that give back to communities, work towards preserving local heritage and culture, and you can access using an app. Win-win, if we ever heard one.

Using the app, we found ourselves eating snake soup with a Chinese medicine expert in Hong Kong; doubled over in a Balinese laughing yoga class; and getting super multicultural going from mosque to temple to shrine in downtown Yangon.

The best thing about this project was working with like-minds in iDiscover and Cathay Pacific. Because, while the world is a big place, it’s places and people are not forever – so we’ve got to do our bit to look after it.




Cathay Pacific

My role:

Content Producer